Pig - Chinese New Years 2019


Hero Pig sculpture by artist Justin Qian.

I had such a great time working on this project, I was part of the early stages of 3d modelling a few Artists designs for Chinese New Years.

The Pig was modelled in Rhino and Rendered in Keyshot.

I teamed up with James Karamollaoglu on this one, his help was amazing and couldn’t have done it without him. Looking forward to our next project buddy. 

The guys at Gorilla Constructions did an outstanding job, all that welding would’ve killed me. 

Big thanks to City of Sydney for the job, you guys were great working with.


Pig at Opera House - Cirqular Quay


Pig at Opera House - Cirqular Quay


Concept Model. Modelled in Rhino and then rendered in Keyshot. 

Eddy Taylor